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‘Purpose’ is fast becoming an overused and misunderstood word in the business world. Some are conflating it with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Others, simply see it as a company’s mission statement, or a brand marketing opportunity.

Purpose has deeper connotations than a tick-box exercise, a motivational poster in the in the staff room or a hashtag. Purpose is why a company exists and for whom. It effects everything a business stands for — from the investors it attracts to the legacy it intends to leave behind.

Beyond a boilerplate statement, purpose is inextricably linked to human intention. It isn’t skin-deep, it is something that comes from within. You can’t tell someone what their purpose is, they have to realise it for themselves. It needs to be uncovered, lived and understood – by the stakeholders in the company and its customers. True purpose taps into the best and deepest parts of what it means to be human. And it takes diligence and drive to maintain it day after day, year after year.

This is where creativity comes in. It requires empathy, emotional intelligence and inspiration to connect purpose with people and to make sure that it is truly understood; that it resonates beyond the boardroom and that it is lived by many.

The Beautiful Truth is a platform and a tool for sharing our knowledge, expertise and critical thinking on where ‘Creativity’ meets ‘Purpose’, and to position human understanding at the centre of how to communicate purpose .

As content creators we have spent the past 15 years helping hundreds of businesses to tell their stories this way, and we have seen first hand the positive impact it can bring. We have worked for Pfizer, Travelport, ArcelorMittal, SAB Miller, Molton Brown, Virgin Trains, John Lewis, UN Women and the World Food Program to name just a few.

We’ve never been very good at pushing products. We’ve always preferred to create stories that have meaning and depth. To help businesses understand themselves, their people and the wider eco-system they operate in.

We hope business leaders, thinkers and doers are encouraged to use what is here to benefit their own companies. 

And finally, we hope to create an opportunity for us to work together to uncover your beautiful truth.


Adam Penny


Adam is founder, MD and Creative Director of Connected Pictures. Historically working across broadcast, video and commercials, he and the team now focus solely on video content for brands and businesses.

Christine v2

de León

Christine is Head of Content at Connected Pictures. She ran a sustainable fashion blog in the noughties and moved on to head up Ogilvy’s first content studio. She is passionate about helping clients achieve their business objectives through content marketing.