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How companies manipulate our desire for freedom

Simon McCarthy-Jones delves into the the nooks and crannies of free will and corporate messaging.

Is it rational to trust your gut feelings?

Neuroscientist Valerie van Mulukom on the role our gut instinct plays when making decisions.

Seeing differently for ingenuity

Creative thinking is one of the qualities attributed to entrepreneurs and inventors.

A Mind of its Own: How Reliable is Your Memory?

When recalling the past, we rarely doubt the first memories which jump to mind. But are they reliable? Experts explain how they change more than we realise.

Is Altruism Hardwired into the Brain?

Is altruism “hard wired” into the human brain? Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have used science to try and find out.

Donna Edgell on Human Values at Work

Donna Edgell, Internal Communications & Engagement Manager at Travis Perkins, discusses the benefits of communicating corporate strategy to employees.

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