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Trust Gone Mad

More and more purpose-driven companies coming to the fore purporting a better world for everyone. However, when some brands deliver on their brand promise, they…

Kathryn Kneller

Communicating Purpose

We caught up with Kathryn Kneller, an Internal Communications consultant whose career spans 15 years at blue chip companies in sectors ranging from tech, financial…

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Creativity and the fourth revolution

The global economy is transforming through machine learning and digitisation. Economies big and small are evolving because of Big Data, the Internet of Things and…

Meaning at work: the art of give and take

There’s been a shift in how people view their attitude to work. More of us want to be a part of something that aligns with…

Simon Sinek and The Golden Circle

Organisational behaviour expert, Simon Sinek codifies successful leadership into a “Golden Circle”. He uses three concentric circles to define business purpose: What, How and Why.…