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Potential Project founder Rasmus Hougaard on developing people-centric leaders

Rasmus Hougaard, founder and managing director of Potential Project, discusses the desire to do good in business and the place for compassionate leadership.

Five ways to become a really effective altruist

For an effective altruist, the core question is: “Of all the possible ways to make a difference, how can I make the greatest difference?”

Private Equity: Purpose beyond Pound Sterling

With private equity assets now common in investor portfolios, investors have upped their non-financial performance demands

Towards a fairer capitalism

 Business can and ought to have higher ideals that go beyond shareholder value. If we are going to answer some of the most complex…

Values and purpose: the secret to M&A success

The C-suite must engage with the deeper values and purpose of the business, ensuring they are understood by all stakeholders.

Welcome to the bioeconomy

Circularity requires less resource extraction and is designed to have a longer shelf-life to minimise the impact of waste.

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