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How can we nurture a healthier world?

In this week's round up, we reflect on how living a purpose-driven life can impact individual and global wellbeing after a year that saw the ground shift beneath the entire world's feet.

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Changing the world through collaboration

The superpower behind the coronavirus vaccine success.

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Open: The Story of Human Progress

Author Johan Norberg makes the case that progress is intrinsically linked to connectivity.

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Can global innovation competitions help unearth the next sustainability solution?

Entrepreneurs from low and middle income countries face many obstacles. These programs help their breakthrough ideas see the light of day.

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How can constraints enhance creativity?

In narrowing available resources or abilities, limitations are momentous sources of potential for organisations.

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How can we rise above the blame game?

How can understanding the psychology of blame help us get to the root of complex issues?

A Creative Fashion Revolution

Orsola de Castro talks about creativity as a force for change, in an industry that has enormous social and environmental impact on the world’s resources.

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A View to Innovate with Purpose

Innovation driven by purpose is bringing the world of digital books to the visually impaired and those managing sight loss.

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